• How do you get a seemingly overwhelming group task completed with both ease and commitment?  Wikipedia defines facilitation as “broadly used to describe any activity which makes tasks for others easy”.  I would add … [Continue Reading]

    Strategic Facilitation
  • So what does “coaching a business” or a government organization mean?  Have you ever noticed that a business or group can think and act like a single person?  You can walk into a business or a group’s office and … [Continue Reading]

    Coaching Leaders & Business
  • Up Until Now Inc. was founded in June 2011.  The “company” is me, Maureen Cunningham.  To me, it feels like this virtual world that holds the amazing individuals with whom I have worked since 1993 when I began … [Continue Reading]

    About UP UNTIL NOW
  • I have been helping leaders, businesses and work groups get closer to their potential since 1993.  I have worked with groups as small as two and as large as 12,000; on projects from $5,000 to $120 million: with … [Continue Reading]

    Meet Maureen

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