Up Until Now Inc. was founded in June 2011.  The “company” is me, Maureen Cunningham.  To me, it feels like this virtual world that holds the amazing individuals with whom I have worked since 1993 when I began working in organizational change.  Up Until Now was born from the sum of our incredible experiences, work and learning together.

What’s in a name?  In 2010 I was taking the extraordinary ten-month Leadership Program offered by the Coaches’ Training Institute in California.  I was struck when time and time again a participant would raise a concern, saying: “that is not what we are capable of” or “that is not what I am good at” or “I have a terrible habit of…”.  Each time the answer would be a variation of “Yes, perhaps…up until now.”  That three-word phrase struck me as so profoundly empowering.

Up Until Now.  So much of the change we seek is available once we choose to believe that it is possible.

Up Until Now’s purpose is to help surface the untapped potential of individuals and the groups, organizations and businesses with whom they spend their workdays, wherever and however possible.  I deeply believe in the power of groups: of what is possible collectively.  I am driven to astound people with what is possible when people assume – and therefore enable –  value from every person.

How does UUN do it?  I am a coach, a facilitator and a teacher.  I coach groups and their leaders, I facilitate group interactions to be their most powerful; and I speak at conferences and employee town halls.  To say I teach feels like too strong a word.  I have spent coming on two decades studying, doing and dissecting organizational change.  I do believe I have come to know deep insights into how to create powerful change in groups of people and the workplaces in which they spend their days.  I am fascinated by and compelled to stay abreast of the leading edge of emerging thinking on the subject of change and organizations.  In the process, I have come to know that I cannot “teach” you this.  I can, however, create the safe space, offer the knowledge and enable the conditions for you to take from my learnings what serves you.

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