Coaching Leaders & Business

Surprising GrowthSo what does “coaching a business” or a government organization mean?  Have you ever noticed that a business or group can think and act like a single person?  You can walk into a business or a group’s office and “feel” its personality.  With a bit more looking you can also see its blind spots, its bad habits, its amazing power and the path to its too-often-unrealized potential.

I deeply believe that the business or work unit is the best source of its own answers.  How I help is by creating the safe space, knowing and asking the powerful questions, and facilitating the group’s listening to where the powerful answers lie.

I have worked with organizations seeking to galvanize their people towards greater focus and results. I helped them re-connect with the noble cause they serve and the core values they hold.  I have facilitated groups to surface and articulate their collective manifesto and thus embolden them with vigor and commitment.  I have helped organizations set their strategic direction for the future.  I have helped organizations surface limiting beliefs and bad habits and collectively develop and implement culture enhancement strategies.    The list goes on.

As part of this work I may coach one or more leaders.  It starts with us talking, observing and deeply hearing.  From here we decide together how best to proceed. This can include interviews, group dialogue, workshops.  Each organization and its circumstances can generate profoundly rich possibilities.

I would love to explore working with you.  To explore this with me, please Contact Me.