Culture Change

Culture Change

Culture “change” is a bit of a misnomer.  An organization has a culture: based on its assumptions about: itself, what it is striving to achieve and how it should achieve it.  Its underlying “core” purpose and values cannot and should not be changed*.  They can, however, become clouded by bad habits and misplaced assumptions.

I believe that cultural change therefore has two distinct parts.  First, naming the anchors that should not only not be changed, but should be emboldened.  Second, identifying the new behaviours and beliefs that will powerfully pivot and propel the organization to its potential.  (I did not purposefully put in all those “p” words, I swear.)

A business or group’s cultural “habits” are changed much in the same way a person’s habits can be changed.  Individual lives are essentially a series of habits, from which leg hits the floor first out of bed in the morning to whether you brush your teeth first or shower first.  Organizational life is essentially a series of group habits that emerge over time.  Imagine trying to change 5 or 75 habits at once? This is often what organizational transformation projects feel like.

Change theorists now see change occurring in an iterative fashion.  Imagine a conical helix.  With each change you come to believe that greater things are possible.  With that, you will willingly reach higher.

The secret is in knowing how to create trust, to help people care and engage in a future beyond the present, and to jointly uncover which new habits will help change succeed.

I help co-design your culture change strategy with you and your team. It is a powerfully creative, emergent process that captures the heart and minds of your people and can chart your organization’s course for a powerful future.

If your organization can benefit from this work, I would love to help.  Please Contact Me.

* If you are curious to learn more about why, an insightful read is Jim Collins’ Good to Great.