Strategic Facilitation

Forward MomentumHow do you get a seemingly overwhelming group task completed with both ease and commitment?  Wikipedia defines facilitation as “broadly used to describe any activity which makes tasks for others easy”.  I would add that “strategic facilitation” then, is about making crucial or pivotal organizational tasks easier.

The range of what can be facilitated in group workshops is vast.  I have facilitated the development of organizational visions, strategic plans, collective priority setting, culture change strategies, performance indicators, funding models, organization structures, to give but a small list.

I have facilitated groups as small as two and as large as 400 at a time.  With smaller groups, we can work from a more organic, emergent approach.  My role here is to create the environment for deep listening for what has not been heard before and to hold the participants and the proceedings to their most powerful outcomes.

For larger groups, the task must be subdivided into elements that can be done by groups of eight or ten.  The design of these sessions is key.  To help, I work in advance with a diverse sampling of those who will attend.  Together we co-design a process that will lead to the greatest clarity, collective insights and commitment to follow through.  In all cases the sequence of individual reflection, small group discussion and plenary digestion is followed.  We develop a variety of formats to deeply engage the hearts, the minds and the will of participants.

If you have a strategic task or discussion that needs powerful resolution, I would love help you.  Please Contact Me.