Team Building

Open DoorYou have probably heard the acronym for T.E.A.M.: Together, Everyone Achieves More.  Sadly, how many of you find this hard to believe, at least for you own team?  In fact, too many of you are experiencing counter-productive conflicts, ego-filled actions, and disjointed, even opposing efforts.

The people who have had the wisdom or good fortune to have ever been on a truly great team cite this among their best career experiences.  What would you guess they might say about it?  Their answers:  They loved the mutual respect and support.  They felt they had a unique contribution that was valuable and valued.  They felt they were serving a purpose that was greater than themselves.  You say this is not possible for your team?

Up until now.

In my experience, a shocking amount of the improvement in teams come from just this: choosing to believe it is possible and acting from this place.  Then replacing disbelief with a deep curiosity about what positive intentions and value lie behind apparently conflicted words and actions.

My approach begins with understanding your goals, your hopes, even your dreams for your team.  I meet with your team members and from there we co-design the steps needed.  Sometimes this means a single workshop.  In other cases, it might mean a whole program, taken one step at a time.

Yours may be an executive team, a management team or simply a work team.  In each case there is a potential to be reached.  It can change the work lives of everyone on it.

If you would like to take big steps towards your team’s potential, please Contact Me.